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Divanity srl
Via Raffaello Sanzio, 15
70021 Acquaviva delle Fonti (BA) Italy
+39 080.3050502

The internettian landing

The idea for Divanity was born in producing furnishings to complement existing furnish and design. The uniqueness of each model, the originality and elegance joined to versatility and functionality define their furnishing culture.

Federica Fontana with Padded Seashell
Federica Fontana with Padded Seashell
New objects living, are not just modern pieces of furniture. They are objects with character and expression. Objects from a time for time, in other words, timless. Divanity shows some pieces at the show-room of Trade & Development Inc. of New York and in Sweden in the Skimgruppen showroom.

Internettian FurnituresA collection of furniture designed for Internet world and produced by Divanity. The original items include "the naked seashell" a curved armchair inspired by the @ sign, www the ideal table for cyber meals, and cyber women a sensual doybed.

Internettian AccessoriesThe accessories complements, are inspired by cybernetic era and their design moves between warm minimalism and functional ornamentation. In other words, Divanity prefers to be more than less and in doing so, opposes every style and material trend. An example is Lamp@ designed by Romeo Guaricci.


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